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Day of Photonics set for 21 October 2014

An announcement was made at the European Photonics Industry Consortium’s (EPIC) Annual General Meeting that the annual Day of Photonics will take place on 21 October 2014

EPIC announces Day of Photonics

The date of the Day of Photonics was chosen to commemorate when the General Conference of Weights and Measures adopted the value of 299,792.458 km/s for the speed of light on 21 October 1983. This event concerns all photonics technologies, and is not related to a specific country, therefore an ideal occasion for a technology that encompasses as broad fields as photovoltaic solar energy, laser, LED lighting, displays, optical communication, and all photonics technologies.

The day aims at raising awareness about the photonics sector. The event will be held over numerous countries and will encompass many demonstrations on the impact of the industry on our day-to-day existence. The day will include activities and outreach to the general public, ranging from public authorities, students, investors and other stakeholders. The intention is to show the applications of the industry, to communicate the breadth of the photonics applications and the pervasiveness and the importance. Thus illustrating why the European Commission classified “Photonics” as a Key Enabling Technology and why public authorities will benefit of supporting this emerging industry that will inevitably be as important as the electronics industry.

This year’s event will be complementary to the International Year of Light 2015 initiative. 

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