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Edmund and Schott in Asia

Edmund Optics and SCHOTT have advanced their strategic partnership to provide customers in Asia easy access to high-quality optical glass filters. In-region inventory greatly speeds up the delivery of standard filter types and sizes while in-region support simplifies the process for sourcing custom filters tailored for specific applications.

Edmund Optics and SCHOTT first partnered in 2020 to provide fast and easy access to SCHOTT materials in Europe, and the recent expansion of this partnership now brings these benefits to customers in China and all across Asia. The local inventory and flexible solutions allow optical system designers to minimize lead times, select from a wide range of standard options, and easily customize filters for their unique needs. Both Edmund Optics and SCHOTT can now leverage each other's supply chains to bring increased efficiency to the filter glass market in China.

An inventory of 58 types of SCHOTT filter glasses will be kept in stock and are available in 12.5mm, 25mm, and 50mm round and square sizes. If you have specific requirements, custom sizes can be cut to meet them. Color glass filters are cost-effective alternatives to thin-film coated filters and are ideal for many microscopy systems, portable life science devices, and industrial measurements. Color glass filters' performance is also less dependent on angle of incidence (AOI) and polarization.

SCHOTT optical filter glass has been well-regarded for its purity and high quality for more than 135 years. These filters are ideal for a wide range of applications including sensor systems, medical devices, and many more.

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