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EKO Instruments Europe B.V. (The Hague, Netherlands) announced the launch of the MS-90 Plus+, a new total solar irradiance measurement solution combining the companies industry-leading MS-80 Class A Pyranometer, an original C-Box smart interface, and the unique internal rotating mirror design of the MS-90 DNI Sensor.

Solar PV generation increased 31% in 2018, ahead of wind and hydropower, and with annual average growth of 16% still on track between 2018 and 2030 there has been growing demand for accurate, cost-saving, alternatives to larger solar monitoring stations.

The MS-90 Pluswas developed as a practical solution to the increasing diversity of solar power plant locations and Photovoltaic (PV) applications. Taking up much less space, the MS-90 Plus+ can easily be deployed on rooftops or other inaccessible areas.

Dr Mário Pó, lead scientist at EKO Instruments Europe, described the MS-90 Plusas “a truly viable alternative to a full solar monitoring station” thanks to the unique internal rotating mirror design of the MS-90 DNI Sensor at the heart of the new system. The distinct shape of the mirror reflects sunlight to a high-speed pyroelectric detector, measuring direct radiation without the whole unit tracking the sun as a much larger solar monitoring station would.

“This approach is not only cost-effective, but without external moving parts, it also means that the MS-90 Plusis an incredibly robust solution for difficult to reach installations where regular maintenance may be difficult or impossible” explained Dr Pó.

The MS-90 Plusalso includes an integrated GPS receiver, enabling the C-Box to calculate diffuse irradiance based on the DNI data from the MS-90 and the GHI data from the MS-80; plus, a MODBUS 485 RTU output for easy connection to any digital data acquisition system.

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