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Excelitas Technologies Corp. today announced its new high speed, large area C30645L-080 and C30662L-200 InGaAs SMD Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs). With high quantum efficiency, high responsivity and low noise in the spectral range between 1000 nm and 1700 nm, Excelitas’ latest high-performance InGaAs APDs are optimized for a wavelength of 1550 nm. The ceramic surface mount package of only 3 x 3 mm² size allows for easy integration into high-volume commercial and industrial applications, including eye-safe laser range finding systems and LiDAR time of flight systems. 

C30645L-080 and C30662L-200 InGaAs SMD APD features include:

  • Compact, robust ceramic 3 x 3 mm² SMT package provides a cost-effective option, compatible with robotics pick and place tool, and enables easier integration into various system designs
  • High responsivity gives maximum signal to enable better signal to noise ratio (SNR)
  • Low dark current and noise maximizes SNR
  • Large detection active area of 80 µm and 200 µm facilitates the integration of optics
  • Spectral response of 1000 nm – 1700 nm makes the APDs well suited to commonly available lasers in the 1300 nm – 1600 nm range

“As systems become more and more compact, smaller packages as offered by the C30645L-080 and C30662L-200 become critical to system integration. In addition, as volumes increase and new applications in time of flight are unlocked, more economical, high-volume manufacturing capabilities are also required to meet market needs in this area,” said Denis Boudreau, Product Leader, Photon Detection at Excelitas. “Our new highly compact surface mount InGaAs APDs were designed with this in mind, providing design engineers with a cost-efficient package where filters can be integrated, for the development of a variety of high-volume commercial and industrial applications.”

The package design and assembly processing techniques for the C30645L-080 and C30662L-200 are such that the die positioning is well controlled to the reference surfaces. This aids in the alignment of optical elements to the package and is superior to many of the commercially available plastic lead frame TO packages.

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