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Excelitas Technologies Corp., a leading industrial technology manufacturer focused on delivering innovative, market-driven photonic solutions, introduces its new C30733 Series Avalanche Photodiodes (APD). The high speed, high gain, low noise lnGaAs APDs provide high quantum efficiency (QE), high responsivity, low noise and fast recovery in the spectral range between 1000 nm and 1700 nm. This unique combination of high gain and fast recovery time, coupled with low noise performance, makes it an ideal solution for high-end test equipment where extremely fast response and recovery time is required.

Offered in either hermetically sealed TO-packages, or with a fiber pigtail for optimal coupling onto the 30um diameter active area, the C30733 Series provides the highest performance level for test equipment. Its ability to operate at very high gain with low noise performance fundamentally improves the signal to noise ratio and enables the detection of very low signals and small changes in fiber integrity for testing over long fiber telecom networks with high precision.

C30733 Series APD product features include:

  • Fast recovery after pulse detection
  • High APD gain (M=40+)
  • Low noise and dark current
  • Sharp turn on and off

“We are excited to add C30733 Series APDs as the latest addition to our InGaAs APD family, now enabling applications in test equipment where extremely fast response and recovery time are required,” said Denis Boudreau, Product Leader - Photon Detection at Excelitas. “The C30733 Series’ low noise and high gain will allow design engineers developing test equipment requiring measurements in the 1300 nm to 1650 nm range to test over long fiber networks with high precision – enabling the development of a wide variety of new and innovative applications across the telecom test industry.”

For additional information, visit Excelitas at SPIE Photonics West booth #1148, 

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