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Lucid Helios-2

The Helios2 Ray Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera from Lucid Vision, featuring Sony’s DepthSense sensor, is an IP67-rated Factory ToughTM 3D camera, specifically engineered for high-performance operation in outdoor1 lighting conditions. Its 940nm VCSEL laser diodes enable the camera to generate real-time 3D point clouds, even under full sunlight. This feature makes the Helios2 Ray suitable for 3D imaging outdoor scenes, such as in agriculture and smart farming, outdoor container unloading and depalletization, environmental monitoring, and infrastructure inspection applications.

The Helios2 Ray demonstrates superior performance in environments with outdoor1 lighting. Distinct from the Helios2/2+ and Helios2 Wide 850nm VCSEL models, the Helios2 Ray utilizes 940nm VCSELs, capable of producing real-time 3D point clouds that remain unaffected by daytime sunlight. This feature makes the Helios2 Ray an ideal choice for applications in both outdoor and indoor-outdoor lighting environments.

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