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Laser 2017 Ophir BeamSquared 20 from MKS

MKS Instruments, a provider of technologies that enable advanced processes and improve productivity, announces Ophir BeamSquared 2.0, the newest version of the company's M2 laser beam propagation system designed to help users optimize laser performance.

BeamSquared automatically measures the propagation characteristics of CW and pulsed lasers in less than one minute. It can optionally measure wavelengths above 1.8 µm, including CO2 and terahertz, in manual mode. The new version adds expanded 3D display and reporting options, an Automation interface via .NET components, and customizable measurement options. 

BeamSquared is designed for continuous use applications, from scientific research to rapid prototyping to fabrication and machining. The system includes the BeamSquared M2 software and an optical train. The software measures beam propagation characteristics on both the X and Y axes, including waist diameters, full angle divergences, waist locations, Rayleigh lengths, M2 or K and BPP factors, astigmatism, and asymmetry. The system displays 2D or 3D beam profiles for visual verification of beam behavior through focus. 

The BeamSquared 2.0 system can be mounted horizontally or vertically to optimize bench space. New 3D functions include a 3D slice display and the ability to add 3D displays to reports. Reports can also incorporate a new beam caustic chart, in addition to setup information, laser measurements, and a variety of statistics. A new Automation interface via .Net components allows users to build custom applications the incorporate the laser beam analysis and processing power of BeamSquared. 

BeamSquared is a camera-based system. Users add their choice of camera best suited for their application: 

The Ophir Pyrocam pyroelectric array camera accurately captures and analyzes wavelengths from 1.06 μm–>3000μm. Available in two versions: Pyrocam IVs, a 25.6 X 25.6mm active array and Pyrocam IIIHR, a smaller-format OEM version with a 12.8 X 12.8mm array

The Ophir SP300 silicon CCD camera accurately captures and analyzes wavelengths from 190 nm–1100 nm. It features a compact design, wide dynamic range, signal-to-noise ratio and reduced blooming

The Xeva XC-130 high resolution InGaAs camera accurately captures and analyzes wavelengths from 900nm–1700nm. It features operation at room temperature, a wide dynamic range, a fast data capture rate and a large array that makes it ideal for large beam NIR laser and telecom mode field analysis.

Data sheet:

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