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Laser Components along with its manufacturing partner iXblue announced availability of a variety of our optical fibres.

iXblue is a leading independent manufacturer of active and passive speciality optical fibres and components based on Bragg gratings technology.

Laser Components supplies both active and passive fibres for applications ranging from fibre laser manufacturing, through distributed fibre sensing, to biotechnology, oil & gas or nuclear physics.

The available doped fibres (e.g. Yb, Er, Er/Yb, Tm, Ho, Tm/Ho, Nd) can be purchased single or dual clad to address a variety of laser performance requirements. They are designed to provide low noise and high optical conversion efficiency.

Polarisation maintaining fibres that Laser Components supplies are designed and manufactured with great precision. Fibre diameter control is critical during coil winding: our fibres exhibit very high consistency / accuracy of the coating diameter not only in each batch, but also from batch to batch. Spun fibres are also available.

One of the speciality fibres is a polarising fibre. It is designed to guide only one state of polarisation along the fibre. Any other polarisation will be lost rapidly thus yielding a high built-in polarisation extinction ratio. This type of fibre is often used in the quantum and cold atom application space.

Laser Components also supplies fibres for harsh environments, i.e., radiation hardened fibres, space grade fibres, polyimide fibres. These are available both passive and doped.

Application specific fibres are designed and manufactured to be optimised for a given application. These include fibre optic gyroscope fibres, Raman spectroscopy fibres, quantum polarisation fibres, radiation sensing fibres, lasers and amplifier fibres.

Multicore doped fibres, as well as hollow core and photonic crystal fibres are available in a custom range.

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