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Laser Components introduced iXblue’s NIR-MX800-LN amplitude and NIR-MPX800 phase electro-optical modulators featuring a wide bandwidth of up to 40GHz, designed to operate between 780nm to 960nm. The modulator chip is tested for wavelengths 780nm, 850nm or 950nm to guarantee mono-mode propagation property over the optical LiNbO3 waveguide. 

These modulators have become the reference components for many applications. In telecommunications and particularly data-com applications (short reach SR4 standard), the NIR-MX800 is integrated in transmitters to generate bit rates of up to 56Gb/s, and also used by the scientific community for quantum optics, cold atoms and atomic clocks. Amplitude modulators offer high carrier suppression to generate high quality carrier-suppressed double-sideband (CS-DSB) signal. Both the NIR-MX800 and NIR-MPX800 are today used for CS-DSB. 

The NIR-MPX800 is designed with a specific RF electrode, which enables generation of ultra-short optical pulses with very short rise times (in the order of a few picoseconds). Furthermore, we can offer extinction ratio greater than 30dB. 

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