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Meller Optics, Inc. introduced a line of optical polishing pitch that is made from wood resin to prevent contamination and is ready to use without screening, filtering, or mixing additives.

Meller's Gugolz Optical Polishing Pitch comes in five grades from very-soft to very-hard, with melting points from 52ºC to 87ºC, and is ready to use by just slicing, melting, and pouring the lap. Made from all-natural wood resin instead of petroleum byproducts, this pure polishing pitch prevents contamination of the polishing media and substrate.

Suitable for applications with with CaF2, germanium, quartz, ZnSe, ZnS, silicon, and other optical materials, Meller's Gugolz Optical Polishing Pitch is ideal for blocking, lapping, and polishing. Users can precisely match their own substrate finishing requirements by mixing any of the five totally compatible grades.

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