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Olympus Launches LEXT OLS5000 Laser Confocal Scanning Microscope

The new LEXT OLS5000 3D laser confocal scanning microscope from Olympus delivers precise imaging for research and development and quality control inspection in the automotive, electronic component and semiconductor industries.

The OLS5000 microscope was designed with new features and updated technology to enhance its performance and advance measurement outputs:

  • 4K scanning technology and optics designed specifically for the OLS5000 microscope provide improved measurement performance and reliability (compared with its predecessor). This combination of technology and optics enable the detection of near-perpendicular features and small steps at close to nano-scale. 
  • Acquires data four times faster (compared with its predecessor) and improves the user experience with intuitive software designed to automate many common settings. 
  • An expansion frame and a dedicated, long working distance lens (for shorts, a LWD lens — a lens that can work at a greater distance from the sample surface than is possible with a conventional lens) perform precise measurements on samples up to 210 mm in height and concavities up to 25 mm deep — even those with uneven surface cracks. 

The result is simple, accurate, non-contact three-dimensional measurement of a wide variety of samples.

With the steady advancement of nanotechnology and the growing sophistication and miniaturization of electronic devices and car parts, quality management through the accurate measurement of components’ surface features is more important than ever. In the past, inspectors conducted surface shape and roughness measurements using direct contact, stylus-based roughness instruments. But an increasing number of samples, such as fragile films or samples with height variations less than the diameter of the stylus, gave rise to a need for more precise, nondestructive, non-contact measurement techniques. 

With the new stitching function, OLS5000 can expand field of view by connecting up to 2500 images together.

Minimum aberration and accurate measurement 

A new 10x lens optimized for a 405 nm-wavelength light source and a long working distance lens was designed specifically for the use with the LEXT microscope to reduce aberration and enable accurate measurements across the entire field of view. Meanwhile, 4K scanning technology with a resolution of 4096 pixels in the X direction (4 times that of the previous model) enhances resolution and improves the reliability of shape measurements (doubling improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio). These features enable the detection of near-vertical slopes and small steps without image correction.

Data acquisition and use

The OLS5000 microscope uses the PEAK algorithm for measurements at both low and high magnifications, with four times the data acquisition speed of the previous model. Smart Scan II and analysis template functions automate the sequence of steps from data acquisition to reporting.

Increased sample size functionality

An optional expansion frame enables the OLS5000 microscope to accommodate samples up to 210 mm in height. Observation and measurement can also be performed using a long working distance lens, which enables a separation of up to 25 mm between the lens and the sample.

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