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TRUMPF Supervisory Board Chairman Peter Leibinger has received the Arthur L. Schawlow Award. With this award, the Laser Institute of America (LIA) recognizes outstanding achievements that lead to a fundamental understanding of laser technology and its application in industry, medicine or daily life. The award is considered one of the most prestigious in laser research as it is named after Nobel Prize winner Arthur L. Schawlow and has been presented since 1982.

The Laser Institute of America recognizes Peter Leibinger's extensive contributions to the photonics industry and his dedication to science and research. He is a leader in this field and has contributed significantly to the commercialization of the technology. Gilbert Haas, interim executive director of the LIA, said, "Peter Leibinger has advanced laser technology for decades. His innovative leadership, ardent support, and advocacy of lasers in science, politics and society contribute to the advancement of laser technology and applications worldwide."  

Established in 1982, the Arthur L. Schawlow Award is one of LIA's highest honors and is named after the distinguished physicist and laser pioneer Dr. Arthur Schawlow. The award is presented annually to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation and impact in the fields of science and engineering. Past recipients of the Schawlow Award include Nobel laureates Theodor Hänsch and Gérard Mourou. 

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