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Horiba EMIA-Pro

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in elemental analysis systems and solutions, just announced the EMIA-Pro & EMIA-Expert, their newest Carbon/Sulfur analyzers.     

The new EMIA-Pro and Expert Carbon/Sulfur Analyzers offer Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) measurement capabilities, optimizing its range from 1.6ppm – 6.0% for Carbon, and 2ppm – 1.0% for Sulfur.  They are also equipped with a Unique CO Detector. They can be used for a wide variety of Inorganic materials such as steel, cokes, catalyst, non-ferrous alloy like aluminium and lithium-ion battery materials. 

These new analyzers, equipped with new cleaning mechanism, also increase cleaning efficiency compared to that of conventional Carbon/Sulfur analyzers. This enables users to repeat their measurements up to 200 times, with less time spent for maintenance and cleaning. 

Along with EMIA-Pro and Expert’s new cleaning feature, HORIBA has developed a new robust design with fewer components for more reliable use and less service requirements. 

EMIA-Pro and Expert offer increased measurement efficiency, with measurement, display of results and cleaning now takes about 70 seconds. They are also equipped with a navigation system that recommends the most suitable conditions for samples, troubleshoots errors and alerts users to perform maintenance. 

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