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Dr Robert Fleming

Pixelligent Technologies, whose PixClear high-index Designer Compounds deliver unparalleled brightness, clarity, efficiency and device lifetime for a broad range of display and optoelectronic applications, today announced that it has named Dr. Robert Fleming to the Pixelligent Technical Advisory Board.

Dr. Fleming recently accepted a position with Zymergen as Vice President of Research and Technology. Prior to that, he was CTO of CLEARink Displays, where he led development of the world’s first full-color, video retro-reflective display. His prior experience includes 12 years with the 3M Corp in a broad range of R&D and management functions. While at 3M, Dr. Fleming developed nanocomposites for optical applications, flexible display materials, new retroreflective fabrics, and optical interference films for windows.

“I have worked with Pixelligent for years, and I know they have the best-in-class high-index materials on the market,” said Dr. Fleming. “I’m looking forward to bringing my perspective as a former customer to help Pixelligent execute on their formulation strategy. I am confident many other display, lighting, and optics-related companies in our industry will highly value the advanced PixClear fully-formulated products.”

“At the request of numerous customers, we have been developing fully-formulated products around our PixClear materials for the past 18 months. We expect to formally announce a number of new PixClear products over the coming weeks,” Bandes added.

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