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Jonathan Hou

Pleora Technologies today announced the appointment of Jonathan Hou as President. Mr. Hou brings extensive management expertise to his new position, including most recently overseeing Pleora’s research & development efforts and long-term technology vision as Chief Technology Officer. He now leads an expanded management team focusing on continuing growth for the company as it celebrates 20 years in business. In conjunction with management team appointments, Harry Page and Mike Kelly announced their retirement as President and Chief Financial Officer respectively. Both are remaining with the company in advisory roles.

Founded in 2000 by George Chamberlain and Alain Rivard, Pleora helped lead the development of vision standards that accelerated the growth of the machine vision industry. To-date the company has shipped over 300,000 hardware and software products for real-time video and sensor networking over Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) and USB 3.0 to more than 2,000 global customers.

Entering its third decade, Pleora is now expanding into embedded, machine learning, and smart sensor technologies for the industrial automation, Industry 4.0, medical imaging, and security & defense markets. The company’s new AI Gateway, which simplifies the training and deployment of machine learning for visual inspection, is now shipping to lead customers. Pleora’s RuggedCONNECT Smart Video Switcher has received numerous industry awards for its unique ability to integrate scalable real-time sensor networking and AI capabilities to reduce cognitive burden for military ground vehicle crew.

Mr. Hou joined the company in June 2018 as Chief Technology Officer, after developing new automated quality inspection solutions for print applications as Director of Technology at Global Vision Inc. Previously he held senior management, application engineering, and software design roles in the machine vision, video, graphics and networking industries.

Additional members of the Pleora management team are:

  • George Chamberlain remains as CEO, and is focusing on the company’s technology and business strategy.
  • Jason Blore manages Pleora’s R&D team as the Vice President of Engineering. Jason led the tactical implementation of Pleora’s product expansion as Director of Engineering, and now assumes strategic responsibilities as the company grows its offering for new applications and markets.
  • John Butler continues as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. John has been with Pleora for 12 years in regional sales and sales operations roles, and his in-depth understanding of customer challenges and requirements ensures the company’s sales and marketing efforts align with the ever-evolving vision industry.
  • Anis Hanna is promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Anis made significant contributions in leading a top-performing pre- and post-sales support team as Senior Manager of Application Engineering, and as COO will focus on strategic initiatives to further enhance customer intimacy.
  • Jennifer Morris continues as Vice President of Finance and Human Resources. Jennifer joined Pleora in 2019, and brings 25 years’ expertise in senior financial management roles in technology, real-estate and financial service sectors.

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