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Promex Industries, a Silicon Valley-based provider of advanced design, packaging and microelectronics assembly services, today announced that longtime semiconductor industry leader Chip Greely has signed on as the company’s new VP of engineering.

“Chip brings a wealth of experience, technical knowledge and contacts to our management team,” said Richard Otte, president and CEO of Promex. “His considerable skills will be invaluable to expanding our engineering capabilities and elevating our focus on engineering process best practices.”

In his new role, Greely is responsible for the assembly process engineering organization at Promex’s Santa Clara headquarters. He will focus on ensuring the company’s service offerings are aligned to customers’ dynamic, advanced manufacturing requirements.

“I’ve known Dick Otte for several years, and I have a deep respect for his knowledge, passion, and vision for Promex,” said Greely. “His roadmap for the company is perfectly aligned with the industry’s immediate need for re-shoring semiconductor assembly and test services, which have been fueled by recent issues in the global supply chain.  This growing awareness, as well as the increased demand for heterogeneous integration is driving system-in-package opportunities incorporating silicon, photonics, fiber optics and MEMS devices assembled using mixed assembly technologies such as copper-pillar flip chip, 3D die-stacking, chip and wire, and passive SMT. Promex is leading the Industry with proficiency in these technologies, and I’m excited to further enhance the company’s capabilities and offerings in this area of advanced package and assembly.”

Greely has more than 35 years of industry experience working with a wide range of semiconductor companies, including Qualcomm, GE and Amphenol, as well as outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) providers, such as CORWIL Technologies. Prior to joining Promex, he was director, new product introductions, for Nokia America (formerly Elenion Technologies), managing OSAT relationships and in-house assembly of silicon photonic transceivers. Greely holds bachelor’s degrees in economics and mechanical engineering from the University of California, San Diego.

Promex Industries, Inc. specializes in advanced design, packaging and assembly services for key subsystems used in a wide range of applications, such as optical, photonics, diagnostics, life sciences, medical and MEMS devices.  

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