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Rockley Photonics has completed its first free-living study focused on capturing live spectral data using the initial release of their API Developer Platform, Connect Edge mobile application and secure cloud.

Rockley delivers an all-in-one sensor with novel short-wave infrared (SWIR) biomarkers being collected in real-time, along with device and accelerometer data. Used in tandem with Rockley’s suite of Bioptx Band devices, including Bioptx Cardio, the Rockley Connect mobile application allows for the continuous transfer of wearable sensor data to Rockley’s secure cloud environment. The Developer Platform provides access to live data to those engaged in commercial activities and research with Rockley.

“Rockley has made APIs accessible through our Developer Platform so integrations can be done in days or weeks instead of months,” said Casimir Wierzynski, SVP of Cloud and AI at Rockley. “We know from speaking with commercial partners that access to live data through low-touch APIs distinguishes us from other commercially available solutions.”

The Rockley Connect Edge app and cloud services captured high-resolution SWIR spectral data, LED-based photoplethysmography and acceleration, via data streams spanning more than 80% of subjects' daily life (including sleep). Simultaneously, spectral biomarkers were calculated in Rockley’s secure cloud environment. Both raw and processed data were delivered to researchers via web apps and APIs within minutes of capture.

Information captured from the Bioptx band using the Connect Edge mobile application included heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, and hydration status. The band was continuously connected to the app while the subjects were free to carry out normal activities of daily living during data collection, moving through a variety of wireless connectivity conditions.

Dr. Zahi Fayad, PhD, Director of the Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai and member of Rockley's Scientific Advisory Board stated, “The results from free living studies like this are significant in that they demonstrate that Rockley can collect usable signals and biologic information from people as they go about their daily lives.”

Speaking about accessing data via the Developer Platform, “There exists a poor integration of the best wearable devices, together,” Fayad continued. “We want to combine them and improve the overall patient experience.” When describing the value of the platform, he emphasized, “Until now, data has been locked away in a kind of black box that we could only get batched data from and didn’t have the ability to get what we needed when we needed it. This is a significant development.”

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