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Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies [NYSE:TDY] company, is pleased to announce that its Linea™ Lite 8k Super Resolution camera is now in production. This compact and cost-effective GigE line scan camera delivers 8k resolution images, a performance that normally requires a camera body twice the size.

Built for a wide range of machine vision applications, Linea Lite cameras have a 45% smaller footprint than the original Linea and are based on Teledyne’s proprietary multiline CMOS image sensor design. This new 8k Super Resolution Monochrome camera uses two 4k/7 μm pixel rows with pixel offset. Data from two 4k/7 μm images is captured simultaneously and then reconstructed to achieve a super resolution image of 8k/3.5 μm in real time, significantly enhancing signal-to-noise ratio and the detectability of subpixel defects. Teledyne DALSA’s patented technology allows for the use of 4k/7 μm lenses and lighting without sacrificing on responsivity and MTF (due to the smaller pixel size). The camera is compatible with standard M-42 lenses, significantly saving on the total system cost.

Using Teledyne’s Sapera™ LT software, the Linea Lite 8k Super Resolution camera delivers data throughput at twice the bandwidth of a standard GigE interface, providing 25 kHz at full 8k resolution, i.e. 205 MB/sec. Speed can be further increased using Teledyne’s award winning TurboDrive™ technology, which pushes past the gigabit Ethernet speed ceiling. The new Super Resolution technology also significantly boosts speed for inspection systems, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables a single cable to drive both the data connection and power source.   

Please visit the product page for more information and for sales enquiries, visit our contact page.

Teledyne DALSA is a part of Teledyne’s Vision Solutions group and a leader in the design, manufacture, and deployment of digital imaging components for machine vision. Teledyne DALSA image sensors, cameras, smart cameras, frame grabbers, software, and vision solutions are at the heart of thousands of inspection systems around the world and across multiple industries. For more information, visit

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