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EMVA goes online

Earlier in the year preparations for a successful 18th edition of EMVA’s annual Business Conference, 25 – 27 June 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria, were well advanced, the conference program almost completed and with more than 60 registrants already end of February, we were again looking forward to a successful and enjoyable event.

Obviously the EMVA event team has been in contact with local authorities and monitored closely the international situation for the last weeks. Now, based on the high dynamics of the pandemic development it will come as no surprise that we must formally cancel the EMVA Business Conference 2020 in Sofia.

Already registered attendees as well as conference sponsors will be contacted directly with regards to refunding their payments. It is our intention to simply delay the Business Conference by one year and visit Sofia in 2021.

18th EMVA Business Conference in online format

The EMVA conferences, besides technical and market-driven presentations, is characterized by meeting the peers in a pleasant setup. Personal conversations, exchanging ideas, laughing and enjoying the valuable time together is what makes this event a true annual highlight.

Therefore, whoever joined an EMVA Business Conference in one of Europe’s main capitals the last 17 years would be able to confirm that this special mood cannot simply be shifted to or even be substituted by an online event format.

Nevertheless, and especially as nearly all opportunities for technology exchange and to meet are taken away in these times, the EMVA is working on setting up the 18th Business Conference with a reduced programme in an online format to take place at Friday, June 26th, 2020.

The online conference event will provide technical insights by presentations and networking opportunities through pre-scheduled virtual face-to-face meetings during the breaks.

Further details may be found soon at and/or, and we will of course keep you informed with regular updates to our mailing list.

19th EMVA Business Conference 2021 – SAVE THE DATE

EMVA Board of Directors, management and the whole team is looking forward to meeting you at the 19th EMVA Business Conference taking place 10 - 12 June 2021, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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