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The average automobile today is built with 275 electrical connectors. Ensuring the quality of every pin in each connector is of utmost importance to passenger safety and vehicle reliability.

Chromasens, a global leader in line-scan machine vision technology, has introduced a fully automated 3D inspection system for automotive connector pins capable of extremely high throughput and remarkable accuracy. Cost-effective to deploy and operate, the 3D solution consists of a Chromasens 3DPIXA stereo line-scan camera with 30μm optical resolution, Chromasens Corona II Tube Light illumination configured for diffuse lighting environments, and the company's 3D API image data processing software to acquire connector pin images.

The Chromasens system uses an algorithm that detects the number of pins in an image and creates corresponding regions of interest within a grid to calculate the 3D position of every pin relative to others while measuring pin width (radius) and length. Graphic results in the processed image will show a green circle if the pin meets specifications, or a red circle if it does not. In testing on standard connector plugs measuring 20mm x 60mm, the Chromasens system was able to inspect 50 plugs per second, and demonstrated verified repeatability.

To learn more, download the Connector Pin Inspection application report PDF at:

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