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Hyperspectral Imaging Conference takes place in Coventry in October

Keynote speakers have been announced for the HSI 2014 Conference at the Ricoh Area, Coventry (UK), on the 15th and 16th October.

Attendees will have the rare opportunity to hear a talk from Professor Bruce Rafert, visiting from North Dakota State University (US) entitled “Before hyperspectral imaging ruled the World”. In addition to a brief historical overview, Professor Rafert will discuss several of the most interesting optical engineering challenges that have been addressed during his career. He will present some as-yet un-exploited features of field-widened (slit less) SMIFTS instruments, as well as a variety of images from ground, aircraft and satellite-based instruments that helped provide the impetus for the proliferation and development of entire new families of instruments and countless new applications for hyperspectral imaging.

Keynote speakers also include Dr Aoife Gowen from University College Dublin (Ireland) who will be giving a presentation on “The role of water in NIR hyperspectral imaging of biological materials” and William Oxford from Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) (UK) who will be discussing “Future Employment of Hyperspectral Imaging in Military Operations”

There has been a high level of interest in the HSI Conference this year with enquiries coming from all over the world and in all areas of hyperspectral imaging. This is thought to be for two reasons: firstly, it has been two years since the last conference in Rome, and secondly, the co-location of the event at a significant equipment exhibition ensures time well spent for speakers and attendees alike.

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