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Konica Minolta Business Solutions, U.S.A., Inc., introduced its Return to Work program, a comprehensive solution that supports employees’ safe return to office locations and provides ongoing, best-in-class security with facial recognition and access control.

With COVID-19 accelerating digital transformation, the workplace has seen an unprecedented rate of change in recent weeks. Konica Minolta recognizes the paradigms of work will continue to change in the post-pandemic climate. Technology is expected to take center stage more than ever, not only to ensure business continuity but to help monitor the health of the workforce.

Remote working will continue to be part of the new normal, and new health check practices will ensure a truly safe workplace that complies with new regulations. As new practices emerge, Konica Minolta will continue to pivot to support its customers as they respond to the new environment of hybrid working models.

New requirements from state governments and recommendations from the CDC will require a system through which organizations can check the health of individuals before leaving for the office, and prior to entering their building. Konica Minolta’s new program thoughtfully provides customers with an end-to-end solution, with simple steps for employers to navigate the safe and efficient return to work for employees.

The Return to Work program clearly sets Konica Minolta apart as the first organization to offer a comprehensive solution to address new legal guidelines as businesses reopen, as well as the challenges employers will face to ensure employee safety. Return to Work streamlines the process of assessing and monitoring employees as they enter their building. Through an integrated cloud-based application for data collection, the solution ensures businesses can track, manage and report on each individual’s entry in compliance with company and state requirements.

Return to Work combines Konica Minolta’s proprietary software and workflow solutions through its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) business with its MOBOTIX Thermal TR cameras, which have recently been deployed at hospitals to help frontline healthcare workers assess patient symptoms faster. From installation to support to service, the products, software and technology are developed, owned and implemented by Konica Minolta. Service calls are handled by Konica Minolta service technicians and its software development team addresses any software integration.

Designed to bridge the gap between physical and IT security practices, MOBOTIX offers innovative features that provide businesses with actionable information that go well beyond outdated CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems. Similar to a SMART phone, MOBOTIX camera systems feature multiple on-board sensors, programmable microprocessors, a decentralized architecture and IoT technology, all of which can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business or public facility. Customers find that the German-built MOBOTIX product line has unparalleled features that enable them to configure cameras and services that fit the needs of their specific location.

Virtual health check and first-level screening

A company’s Return to Work journey begins with daily employee self reporting, which can be done before arrival at the office by completing and submitting an eform via email or text. Based on the response, the employee is either advised to stay at home or report to work.

Second-level screening

Upon arrival at the office, employees proceed to a second level of screening with a MOBOTIX Thermal Camera. If results are in compliance with company guidelines, employees move to Corporate Access Control and enter the office through normal authentication protocols. If results are out of compliance with company guidelines, HR advises the employee per company policy, (e.g., go home).

Contact tracing and incident management

Incident management is initiated by opening a case with the COVID Employee Disease Control Management System to track employees until they return to work. Throughout the entire process, data from eforms, thermal screenings and HR records are securely stored in a centralized, cloud-based digital repository for retrieval, review and COVID-19 reporting.

Return to Work can also incorporate Konica Minolta’s virtual receptionist technology, ALICE, a virtual visitor management system that interacts with visitors entering a lobby. ALICE uses a touch screen and live video technology to directly connect visitors with employees, greeting them and notifying staff when a visitor enters an office space.

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