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Teledyne Princeton Instruments (TPI),  a Teledyne Technologies company, announces the addition of the new IsoPlane® 81 aberration-free, imaging spectrograph to their award-winning IsoPlane spectrograph portfolio. The IsoPlane 81, formerly FERGIE, features an advanced, proprietary spectrograph design integrated with a deeply cooled, research-grade CCD camera; all in a very small form factor. The new model includes improvements that further reduce readout noise, increase scanning speed, and create easier access to gratings, as well as external updates that improve the ruggedness of the system.

The IsoPlane spectrograph provides superior resolution and signal-to-noise ratio than spectrographs with much larger footprints and focal lengths. “The product is the embodiment of TPI’s disruptive innovations in spectrograph and camera technologies,” notes Dr. Peng Zou, product manager at Teledyne Princeton Instruments. “Since the introduction of the FERGIE in 2016, TPI has invested heavily in expanding the spectrometer’s ecosystem with accessories that have a strong focus on Raman spectroscopy and Raman microscopy.” These accessories include a dedicated module for fast and accurate microspectrosopy, dedicated light sources for calibration, and a variety of pre-aligned cubes for configuring your own experiments.

Additionally, IsoPlane 81 includes powerful LightField software, which allows users to construct experiments in only minutes. All advanced IsoPlane 81 system features are supported, including a built-in timing generator for time-resolved spectroscopy as well as both automated wavelength and intensity calibration via available light sources. The combination of IsoPlane 81, LightField and dedicated accessories allows users with minimal knowledge of spectroscopy to approach applications like surface enhanced Raman, nano- and 2D-materials analysis, and particle analysis with confidence

IsoPlane spectrometers have been used by Nobel laureates as well as in industry, facilitating advances in many applications including novel material discovery, astronomy, life sciences, combustion and quantum research. IsoPlane 81 expands on the family of IsoPlane products with its own uniqueness as a highly compact spectrometer platform for scientific end users as well as OEM customers.

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