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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Bird movement captured in video A series of small video frames will be used for a computer model to learn what a bird would look like Image by Argonne National Laboratory
EES Award image courtesy of Intersolar
  • lidar map

    Lidar Technology in Autonomous Robotic Systems

    Lidar sensors are now firmly established as an essential component of many mapping, navigation and localization applications. Although most of the attention in this field remains focused on the use of lidar in autonomous vehicles, several...
  • Deep Tissue project

    Three-Photon Microscopy for Sub-Surface Tissue Imaging

    Pulsed tuneable lasers are ubiquitous tools for multi-photon imaging in the life sciences, with the majority of research employing two-photon techniques. In recent years, a new class of imaging using three-photon fluorescence has emerged to scan...
  • Learning to see
  • View of the laser amplifier and deposition chamber
  • Lidar in autonomous vehicles

    Lidar in Autonomous Applications

    Autonomous vehicles may not replace the car any time soon, but the inherent technologies are advancing rapidly Lidar stands for light detection and ranging, and is used in place of or in addition to cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors. The...
  • Rhino Photo by Penny Pretty

    Thermal Imaging Cameras Help Fight Rhino Poaching

    The illegal global trade of endangered and protected wildlife, linked to organized crime and terrorism, is worth up to $20 billion annually. Rhino poaching in particular is big (illegal) business; rhino horn is worth more than gold on the black...
  • brain research

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