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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Continuous technological development is making solar-generated electricity increasingly less expensive Some of this development is taking place in Norway Photo Carl Attard Pexels
  • After turning off the contouring function in TBC visualization software, the Microdrones team used a surface slicing function to create a cross section of the dam

    Simplified Data Processing with Drone-based Lidar

    Professionals who work in construction, engineering, surveying, or land development have probably either experienced or considered the awesome power of drone-based lidar to improve workflows. As technology transforms these industries, professionals...
  • Mouse embryo

    Advances in Fluorescence Microscopy

    “I’m terrified of having my head cut open. While surgery doesn’t frighten me, brain surgery really does. There’s a reason that people say, ‘at least it’s not brain surgery.’ Turns out this saying makes me...
  • Perovskites benefit lasers
  • inspecting ice cream

    Machine Vision Improves Ice Cream Production

    One of Romania’s leading ice cream producers implemented an automated vision solution that can detect badly shaped, broken or stitched-together ice creams and facilitate their fast removal from the production line. With more than 10...
  • Specialty Glass in Autonomous Components
  • PM Sensors

    Laser Measurement: Cheaper is more expensive in the long run

    For any application, a focused laser beam should live up to previously defined specifications. But for medical technology, precise adherence to the parameters is of even greater importance. Both for regulatory and ethical reasons, the laser beam...
  • Autonomous Vehicle

    FMCW: The future of lidar

    Lidar holds the promise of making autonomous vehicles safer by improving navigation and enabling faster, better decisions. Lidar is an acronym for light detection and ranging, and, as its name implies, is a remote sensing method using laser light...

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