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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

PI Piezo
  • The new recycling concept focuses, in particular, on the elements tantalum, neodymium, tungsten and gallium, which are to be found in virtually all modern electronicsFraunhofer ILT, Aachen

    Laser Process Mines Valuable Materials from Electronic Scrap

    Until very recently, there were only limited economic ways of recovering valuable materials from old and decommissioned electronic devices. After more than four years of research, the international EU project ADIR has now come up with a viable...
  • LEED building

    Sustainable Building: More than just lighting

    It’s no longer just about energy-saving appliances and lighting. Now, even buildings are designed for maximum sustainability. When you look at a building, you might just see a structure. But today, the construction industry sees buildings as...
  • Biscuits

    Reliable Food Inspection Using Hyperspectral Imaging

    Conventional image processing systems have become established in automation in industrial applications in recent years. Machines that can "see“ can deliver more than systems without image processing, and this increasingly common...
  • micro-electronics

    Design for Success in Micro Molding

    If you are undertaking a micro injection molding project, there is enormous value in working alongside a specialist sub-contract manufacturer that under one roof has control of all aspects of the product development process from design to high...
  • lidar map

    Lidar Technology in Autonomous Robotic Systems

    Lidar sensors are now firmly established as an essential component of many mapping, navigation and localization applications. Although most of the attention in this field remains focused on the use of lidar in autonomous vehicles, several...
  • Deep Tissue project

    Three-Photon Microscopy for Sub-Surface Tissue Imaging

    Pulsed tuneable lasers are ubiquitous tools for multi-photon imaging in the life sciences, with the majority of research employing two-photon techniques. In recent years, a new class of imaging using three-photon fluorescence has emerged to scan...
  • Learning to see

Illuminating Products

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