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Smart agriculture

Siemens, a global leader in technology for industrial automation hardware and software, and Agbotic Inc., a pioneer in advanced agricultural automation, announced a groundbreaking initiative to validate a new artificial intelligence model created by Agbotic to improve farming efficiency that may yield additional industrial applications.

The work is based on Agbotic's patent-pending technology for an Artificially Intelligent Control System Agent. This strategic collaboration aims to integrate Agbotic’s approach for automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture with Siemens’ global install base of industrial edge devices and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), to continue to develop and roll out advanced AI tools for industry to create value and drive new levels of efficiency and sustainability.

The goal of this collaboration is to create a new AI application that can integrate with any industrial controller to reduce the need for complex and manual programming, enabling rapid auto-response, iterative tuning and continuous improvement and optimization capabilities across factory operations and processes – for more cost-effective, efficient and sustainable business.

"Rapid commercialization of this innovation will improve the way factories operate globally," said John Parrott, Vice President and Head of Food & Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods Vertical Markets at Siemens. "By integrating this capability, we are taking a significant step toward creating factories that are not only more automated and efficient but also more sustainable."

Agbotic is at the forefront of regenerative, organic farming, with a focus on creating automation, machine learning and AI systems to drive down crop production costs while minimizing the use of resources.

John Gaus, founder and CEO at Agbotic commented, “Historically, most agricultural automation has run on proprietary, closed software. We chose to run on the reliability, flexibility and power of open architecture PLCs. That’s a no-brainer and once you make that move, there is no better partner than Siemens. They are the leader in factory automation with broad and deep global reach, leadership in innovation and outstanding service. With Siemens, we will be the first on the planet to operate artificially intelligent greenhouses on autopilot, and then we will help everyone else do the same with their factory.”

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