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  • Wallace Latimer

    FISBA Group Enters into Agreement to Acquire Gray Optics

    FISBA, a developer and producer of optical and illumination systems has entered into an agreement to acquire Gray Optics, a developer of precision optical systems. The move to acquire Gray Optics is intended with a focus on...
  • TOPTICA Acquires Azurlight Systems

    TOPTICA Acquires Azurlight Systems

    On December 22, 2022, Germany-based laser manufacturer TOPTICA Photonics AG entered into a definitive purchase agreement to acquire the majority of the shares of French fiber laser technology company Azurlight Systems SAS....
  • Chromacity 920

    Chromacity Secures Funding and Powers Up Board

    Ultrafast laser manufacturer Chromacity today announced that it has secured an injection of new funding and appointed two new Board directors as the company seeks to expand further into industrial markets. The new...
  • Semicon West

    Semicon West Moves to October 2024

    A fixture in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 50 years, SEMICON West is moving to Phoenix for a five-year annual rotation starting in 2025 and shifting from its longstanding July event dates to October beginning in...
  • TKH Vision
  • Accumold
  • custom filters

    Applications for Continuously Variable Filters

    Antonio Castelo, EPIC’s Technology Manager for Bio-Medical and Lasers, spoke with Poul Svensgaard, CEO of Delta Optical Thin Film, to learn about the market for continuous variable filters. Delta Optical is a Danish developer, and...
  • the future is e-mobility

    Precitec Sees a Bright Future in Laser Welding Systems

    Precitec is a global leader in high-end laser cutting solutions, especially in China, where the company employs 200 people. In laser welding, Precitec is engaged in additive manufacturing, producing intelligent processing heads and welding...
  • Pulse Laser Antireflective Surface Treatments

    Pulse Laser Antireflective Surface Treatments

    In this article, Panagiotis Vergyris, EPIC’s former Photonics Technology Manager talks with Emmanuel Stratakis, Research Director at FORTH-IESL and CEO at Biomimetic, a Greece-based company specialising in pulse laser antireflective...
  • Dominik Rabus

    Implementing Photonics in Products and Services

    RABUS.TECH is a Germany consultancy that specializes in enabling companies to implement photonics technologies into their products and services. Carlos Lee, EPIC’s Director General, spoke with Dominik Rabus, CEO of RABUS.TECH, about the...
  • Mintres by courtesy of Mr Patrick Bongartz

    Ceramic Processing for Opto-Electronics

    Mintres BV works with diamond, aluminium nitride (AlN) and aluminium oxide (AlOx) and supplies the electronics and opto-electronics industries and research institutions, high energy physics and other scientific communities, flat panel screen...
  • Juha Purmonen

    Photonics in Finland: The making of a technology cluster

    Finland’s photonics industry is currently worth around €1.2 billion a year and employs 4,200 people. Of the 260 companies working in photonics, 60 (30%) have been created since 2016 and our key photonics competences are optical...
  • optics
  • Chris Cassidy

    Schott Appoints Chris Cassidy President of Schott North America

    Schott, the international technology group with a long-standing tradition of inventing specialty glass, has appointed Chris Cassidy as President of Schott North America, pictured, in addition to his role as President of Schott Pharma USA. In this...
  • Adam Carter

    OpenLight Names Adam Carter Chief Executive Officer

    OpenLight, an open silicon photonics technology with integrated lasers, today announced the appointment of Dr. Adam Carter as its Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Carter has over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry,...
  • Peter Linton
  • Graham Reed

    SPIE's 2023 Society Awards

    The Awards Committee of SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, today announced the recipients of its prestigious annual awards. Honoring transformative advancements in a variety of professional areas — including...
  • SPIE Fellows
  • Michael Schmidt Image courtesy of EMVA

    New Chair GenICam Standard Working Group elected

    During the last International Vision Standards Meeting (IVSM) in Tokyo/Japan the GenICam Working Group has elected Michael Schmidt as new Chair of the Standard Working Group. Michael Schmidt leads a camera development team at Basler AG. He takes...
  • McBennett adjusting a wedge, which is an optic that reflects only a small fraction of the laser beam and transmits the rest This allows imaging of a beam mode on a CMOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor camera, which would otherwise be damaged by th

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