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Optica Fellows
MidOpt expands
  • Jakob Habermann
  • EV Charging Pioneer Scott Mercer Takes on Fusion as CEO of Focused Energy
  • Richard Clarke
  • Nathan Lin

    AIM Photonics Welcomes Nathan Lin as Director of Outreach

    AIM Photonics announced the appointment of Nathan Lin as its Director of Outreach. In his new capacity, Lin will play a pivotal role in delivering AIM Photonics’ innovative solutions to companies and academic/research organizations...
  • SPIE Fellows

    SPIE 2024 Fellows Announced

    This year, SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, welcomes 47 Members as new Fellows of the Society. They join their Fellow Member colleagues in being honored for their technical achievements, as well as for their service to...
  • Eelko Brinkhoff

    PhotonDelta Names Eelko Brinkhoff, CEO

    As of February 19,  2024, Eelko Brinkhoff, currently Managing Director Foreign Investments & International Trade at Brabant Development Agency, will join PhotonDelta as CEO. Eelko Brinkhoff has extensive experience and knowledge in the...
  • Gary Jackson

    Micropsi Industries Names Gary Jackson as CEO

    Micropsi Industries, whose artificial intelligence (AI)-powered vision system MIRAI enables the automation of tasks too complex or costly to automate with conventional methods, today announced the appointment of Gary Jackson as CEO. With more than...

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