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Darren Blair
  • Pulse Laser Antireflective Surface Treatments

    Pulse Laser Antireflective Surface Treatments

    In this article, Panagiotis Vergyris, EPIC’s former Photonics Technology Manager talks with Emmanuel Stratakis, Research Director at FORTH-IESL and CEO at Biomimetic, a Greece-based company specialising in pulse laser antireflective...
  • Dominik Rabus

    Implementing Photonics in Products and Services

    RABUS.TECH is a Germany consultancy that specializes in enabling companies to implement photonics technologies into their products and services. Carlos Lee, EPIC’s Director General, spoke with Dominik Rabus, CEO of RABUS.TECH, about the...
  • Mintres by courtesy of Mr Patrick Bongartz

    Ceramic Processing for Opto-Electronics

    Mintres BV works with diamond, aluminium nitride (AlN) and aluminium oxide (AlOx) and supplies the electronics and opto-electronics industries and research institutions, high energy physics and other scientific communities, flat panel screen...
  • Juha Purmonen

    Photonics in Finland: The making of a technology cluster

    Finland’s photonics industry is currently worth around €1.2 billion a year and employs 4,200 people. Of the 260 companies working in photonics, 60 (30%) have been created since 2016 and our key photonics competences are optical...
  • optics
  • coating on crystals

    QS Lasers: Manufacturer of diode pumped lasers

    In this article, Francesca Moglia, EPIC’s former Photonics Technologies Program Manager, talks to Gintas Jakubenas, CEO of QS Lasers, a Lithuania-based manufacturer of compact, sub-nanosecond high-energy diode pumped lasers. What’s the...
  • Bioherent Team

    Development of Photonic Biosensor for Drug Allergy Testing

    Bioherent a Spain-based startup developing a rapid plug-n-play solution to revolutionize drug allergy tests. Antonio Raspa, EPIC’s Senior Photonics Technology Manager, had a chance to speak with Jonas Leuermann, Head of Engineering at...
  • Dr Frank Koppens
  • Harish Krishnaswamy

    Harish Krishnaswamy Named Managing Director for Sivers Wireless

    Sivers Semiconductors AB (publ) appointed Harish Krishnaswamy, co-founder of and former CTO at MixComm, as Managing Director (MD) of Sivers Wireless. Harish Krishnaswamy will also join the management team of Sivers. Mike Noonen, former Interim MD...
  • Sir Isaac Newton Medal

    UK Institute of Physics Names 2022 Award Winners

    The IOP Awards celebrate the excellence which we know is everywhere in physics – in research, education, outreach and application; in people at all stages of their careers; in all parts of the UK and Ireland and internationally. And they...
  • Richart Taylor
  • Michael Murray

    Kopin Appoints Michael Murray as New CEO

    Kopin Corporation, a provider of high-resolution micro-displays and sub-systems for defense, enterprise and consumer augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality systems, today announced Mr. Michael Murray has succeeded Dr. John C. C. Fan...
  • Sadoulet
  • Wesley Sims

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