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  • Chromacity Laser

    Chromacity: Design and manufacture of ultrafast lasers

    Chromacity is a Scottish company specializing in the design and manufacture of ultrafast femtosecond lasers and picosecond optical parametric oscillators (OPO), which are helping to advance applications in multi-photon microscopy, quantum...
  • Diafir Spid
  • LIOP-Tec

    LIOP-Tec: Manufacturing laser and opto-mechanic solutions

    In this article, Jose Pozo, EPIC’s CTO, talks to Michael Gutmann, co-founder and CEO of LIOP-TEC, a provider of innovative, high-performance solutions in the field of lasers and opto-mechanics. Focus on time-resolved spectroscopy In 1988,...
  • Karsten Droegemueller
  • Jean-Francois Morizur

    Cailabs: Specialists in complex light shaping

    In this article, Jose Pozo, EPIC’s CTO talks with Jean-Francois Morizur, CEO of Cailabs, a leading designer and producer of optical components and sub-systems based on beam shaping in fields such as spatial multiplexing for telecommunication...
  • Meetoptics

    Meetoptics: Search engine for optical components

    In this article, Jose Pozo, EPIC’s CTO, talks to Bárbara Buades, Co-Founder & CEO of Meetoptics, a highly customizable search engine to find and compare optical components and make contact with specialist photonics service...
  • Philippe Raisin
  • To the left, Michael Lisby Jensen, CEO To the right, Jorgen Andersen, Chairman of the Board

    Michael Lisby Jensen Named New CEO of JAI

    JAI, a global camera manufacturer, appoints Michael Lisby Jensen (shown on left) as new CEO.  Jorgen Andersen (right) takes over the role as Chairman of the Board. The appointment of Michael Lisby Jensen marks a further step in JAI’s...
  • Daniel McConville
  • Deborah Hersman Velodyne Board
  • Rick Tewell
  • Ryan Jansonius

    Metrohm Young Chemist Award Recipient

    Metrohm USA announced the winner of its 2021 Young Chemist Award, Ryan Jansonius. Ryan is a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia where his research centers around developing technologies that use inexpensive and abundant renewable...
  • Nuburu advisors

    Valentin Lendenmann Named New Managing Director at FISBA

    As of March 2021, Valentin Lendenmann will succeed Michael Huber as Managing Director at FISBA LLC in the USA. Since 2018, Lendenmann has been working in the Headquarters at FISBA AG in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in the area of research and...

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