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  • The crew

    Start-Up Developing Rapid Solution for Drug Allergy Testing

    Bioherent was founded one year ago to advance development of its laboratory prototype that uses ultra-sensitive photonic biosensors for the rapid and accurate detection of drug allergies, such as beta-lactam antibiotics. Having developed...
  • Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

    Opportunities in Security and Surveillance

    Growing demand for defense applications is driving growth in infra-red thermal imaging and modules, while public safety applications are creating a healthy market for broad range of vision systems. At the same time, there is strong growth in both...
  • Hummink

    Nano-Printing Technology for Additive Manufacturing

    Hummink is a Paris-based nano-printing specialist whose  technology does not rely on UV or chemical reactions, so ink can be deposited on almost any surface. This allows the company to serve different markets that need to design large objects...
  • Optical Ground Station for SSA applications
  • CRI

    Developing State-of-the-Art Raman Imaging Systems

    Cambridge Raman Imaging Limited (CRI) was founded with the aim of developing an AI supported chemometric pathology system capable of locating cells in patient samples using quantitative and spatially resolved spectroscopic analysis of fresh tissue,...
  • Black Semiconductor provides technology that allows the integration of photonics directly into chips In the illustration, multiple processors and memory chips are linked by optical interconnects shown in green

    Mass Producing Photonics on Electronics

    At the age of 9, Daniel Schall made his first transistor radio. It worked, so he took it to school to show his classmates. But when he was asked how the transistors worked, he couldn’t answer, so that afternoon, back at his house, he cracked...
  • Tecnottica Consonni
  • Nano Dimension

    Dale Baker Named Nano Dimension President of the Americas

    Nano Dimension Ltd., a supplier of Additively Manufactured Electronics and multi-dimensional metal & ceramic Additive Manufacturing 3D printers, announced today that Dale Baker will join the Company as President of Nano...
  • SPIE announces new members

    SPIE Welcomes 77 New Senior Members

    SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, has welcomed 77 new Senior Members from 22 countries. The newly recognized Senior Members hail from academia, government, and industry, working across a variety of disciplines that...
  • Two European glass scientists - Professor Alicia Duran second right and Professor Daniel Neuville third left - received the 17th Otto Schott Research Award The prize was awarded during the International Congress of Glass in Berlin Photo SCHOTT Matthias Mi

    Otto Schott Research Award Announced

    This year's Otto Schott Research Award went to two European researchers: Professor Alicia Durán from the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid, Spain, and Professor Daniel Neuville from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris...
  • Arthur H Guenther Congressional Fellow

    2022 to 2023 Arthur H. Guenther Congressional Fellow Named

    SPIE and Optica announced that Clara Tibbetts, is the 2022-23 Arthur H. Guenther Congressional Fellow. Tibbetts will serve a one-year term in Washington, DC, as a special legislative assistant for a member of the US Congress or as a staff member...
  • Zygo Chief Scientist, Peter de Groot, Nominated for SPIE VP 2023
  • Li and Bath

    Two Optica Members Inducted to National Inventors Hall of Fame

    Each year, the National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF) inducts a new class of inventors who have improved society with their patented work. Among the 2022 class of Inductees are: Optica Senior Member Patricia Bath and Optica Fellow Ming-Jun Li, who...
  • Hans-Dieter Schumacher

    Jenoptik CFO Announces Resignation from Executive Board

    Jenoptik's Chief Financial Officer Hans-Dieter Schumacher (58) has notified the Supervisory Board that, for personal reasons, he will not be available for a further term of office after his current Executive Board contract, which expires...

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