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Solar Power
  • Michael Rosschadl
  • Patrice Le Boudec
  • Niv Price, CEO at the left and Boaz Arad, CTO at the right

    Voyage81: Software solutions for material sensing

    Voyage81 is a company that developed a revolutionary software technology to radically improve the ability of standard sensors to provide high spectral resolution and improved performance in low light conditions. Jose Pozo, EPIC’s CTO, spoke...
  • driverless car

    Opportunities in Autonomous Technologies

    The recent acquisition of Voxtel by Allegro MicroSystems shows just how important photonics is to autonomous manufacturers. Allegro MicroSystems is a specialist in sensing and power semiconductor technology, and Voxtel is a privately held...
  • solar backsheets and financial implications
  • Nanosecond laser-induced damage on the dielectric coatingat Lidaris Ltd

    Lidaris: Laser-Induced Damage Threshold testing specialists

    Jose Pozo, EPIC’s CTO, had the opportunity to talk to Andrius Melninkaitis, CEO of Lidaris, a Lithuanian-based specialist in optics characterization services focusing mainly on Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) testing. Early research In...
  • LightTrans: Development of fast-physical optics software

    LightTrans: Development of fast-physical optics software

    LightTrans is a German-based photonics company that offers solutions for the entire development cycle of optical components. Its products and services include optical design software, optical engineering, training and consulting. All the...
  • Graeme

    Sivers Photonics Appoints Graeme Urquhart Sales Director

    Sivers Photonics announced the appointment of Graeme Urquhart as Sales Director, based at the company’s headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland. “Graeme brings extensive, international sales management and business development experience...
  • Tim Pugh

    Transition at Cooke Optics

    A changing of the guard has taken place at Cooke Optics, as the lens manufacturer has announced that Les Zellan, chairman, and Robert Howard, CEO, retired on Oct. 31. Tim Pugh has been tapped to replace Howard, and Kees van Oostrum will become a...
  • JEI Editor in Chief
  • Joe Shaw

    Montana State Professor Shaw Joins SPIE Board

    Joe Shaw, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Montana State University's Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering, has been appointed to serve a three-year term on the board of SPIE, the...
  • Peter Hagen

    Raptor Photonics Names Peter Hagen, Sales Manager

    Raptor Photonics Ltd, a global manufacturer of SWIR, CCD, EMCCD and CMOS cameras, has announced that Peter Hagen has joined the company as Sales Manager. As a key part of Raptor’s growth strategy to expand and pursue new markets, Peter will...
  • Jonathan Hou

    Pleora Appoints Jonathan Hou to Lead Management Team

    Pleora Technologies today announced the appointment of Jonathan Hou as President. Mr. Hou brings extensive management expertise to his new position, including most recently overseeing Pleora’s research & development efforts and long-term...
  • Dr Stephanie Simmons

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