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The SPIE Advanced Lithography Symposium has been the showcase for the latest advances in lithography and patterning technology for over four decades. The technology landscape keeps evolving to incubate more sophisticated and diversified information and computing technologies. The semiconductor technology sector, now in the More than Moore era, is facing more challenges that require holistic patterning solutions involving a higher level of interactions among process technologies, devices, and system design sectors. The 2022 Symposium will cover the full spectrum of the advances and challenges in state-of-the art lithography and integrated patterning technology through several topical conferences. Advances in the areas of nano- and micro-patterning for semiconductor IC device applications will be presented in sessions covering optical lithography, extreme-UV (EUV) lithography, computational patterning, metrology/inspection, patterning materials, etch/deposition technology, and system-design-technology co-optimization. As novel patterning and non-IC lithography technologies — such as heterogenous wafer packaging, IoT devices including micro-machines and microsensors, AR/VR devices, and FP Displays — have become more widely explored, related topics in these areas are also addressed.

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