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Baslers Computer Vision Solutions for MedicalLife Sciences

Basler now also provides computer vision solutions for the Medical & Life Sciences field. Engaging with the customer to understand the individual requirements is a key element in the solution. Basler develops a concept on this basis and then provides a complete, cost-optimized system. Components from the entire Basler portfolio are available to use in the system:

  • Cameras with different sensors, resolutions, frame rates, interfaces and lens mounts
  • Lenses with S-, C- and F-mounts, for different sensor formats and with all common focal lengths
  • Processing hardware based on the technologies of leading providers such as NVIDIA® and NXP® as well as frame grabber solutions as a standard or custom design
  • Devices for communication / connectivity with different industrial interface standards or IoT-based with cloud connectivity
  • Peripherals with trigger boards, lighting, hubs and switches
  • Software with driver, system and (AI-based) application software

As part of the contract development, Basler selects the appropriate individual components consistent with the customer requirements and in a constant dialogue with the customer. Knowledge of the entire imaging pipeline guarantees an efficient consulting and development process leading all the way to series production and long-term lifecycle management of the customer’s system.

“Above all, our customers benefit from the precise interaction of image capture, processing and analysis. We have already successfully implemented this combination in numerous projects for a wide range of customers,” explains Marcus Birkenfeld, Global Business Leader Medical & Life Sciences at Basler AG. “Our wealth of experience is highly diversified. It ranges from automated lab diagnostics via artificial intelligence and contactless patient positioning in computer tomography to applications in ophthalmology, for which Basler has developed and implemented complete customized vision systems. In each new project, our customers benefit from our previous experiences, which makes us the ideal partner for vision-based development projects.”

Detailed information about the entire Medical & Life Sciences portfolio of Basler AG is available at

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