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From left to right Prof Dr Emil Schubert Abicor Binzel, Thibault Bautze-Scherff Blackbird, Jens Schleicher Abicor Binzel, Pascal Brozio Blackbird, Dr Andreas Kahn Abicor Binzel, Karl Christian Messer Blackbird Click for download printable picture

Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH, specialists in remote laser welding, is partnering with the globally established specialists in welding technology, ABICOR BINZEL. This collaboration allows to provide even better support for the global customers, from technical sales to application support, right through to expanded on-site customer service for all international installations. As of July 2022, the renowned supplier from Buseck, who has gained almost 15 years of international expertise in the laser joining sector, includes the integrated system solutions in the remote laser welding section from Blackbird in their product range.

Remote laser welding with galvanometer-based scan heads has become a key technology in numerous industrial sectors. In the automotive industry and the electromobility sector in particular, but also in the manufacture of batteries and fuel cells, this joining technique is used to safely manufacture highly innovative composite materials and therefore facilitate the development of pioneering products. As a small, flexible enterprise, Blackbird has developed a reputation as a technology leader in remote laser welding over the years. The range of services here includes the comprehensive system integration as well as software-supported control technology with an intuitive user interface.

To expand the technical sales and global customer service, as of July 2022, Blackbird is cooperating with the technology developer and welding experts ABICOR BINZEL. The intensive and collaborative partnership ensures that every customer can receive optimum support – from their individual request, through to years of after-sales support. In the future, there will be markets that are exclusively served by one of the two partners.

"In ABICOR BINZEL we have found the perfect partner with over 75 years experience in welding technology in order to provide our shared global customers with even better support," enthuses Karl Christian Messer, Managing Director of Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH, about the partnership. "Furthermore, we are also convinced of the following: Strong alliances are the technology and market leaders of tomorrow."

"We are excited to have gained another strong partner in Blackbird Robotersysteme, a partner who has impressed us with their innovative system solutions, particularly in welding applications in the electromobility sector. This collaboration adds an important puzzle piece to our holistic approach to serving our customers from the automotive industry," adds Dr. Andreas Kahn, Director of Global Laser and Sensor Business at ABICOR BINZEL.

"Blackbird's complete solutions with their highly dynamic laser scan systems as well as integrated sensor and quality control tools also bring us to a technologically leading position in this sector of welding technology," states Prof. Dr. Emil Schubert, CTO at ABICOR BINZEL.

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