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GDI LLC's patented Solar-Image process can transform unattractive panels into a solid color, a full-color pattern, or a panoramic photo, all while maintaining high output power. Panels on a terracotta tile roof, for example, could present a photo-like image of the tiles underneath, making them practically disappear.

tile roof

An acre of panels in a field of clover could present an image of a field of clover. Virtually any preselected color or image can be produced.

Beyond camouflage, the imagery chosen could be promotional: a large ground mounted solar array could display a corporate logo and message, or a rooftop or field array could become a billboard, displaying an advertisement.

corp logo

The company describes the technology as a revolutionary process based on reflective nano-structure filters. The filters are highly efficient and can be tuned to reflect over very narrow wavelengths so nearly all of the sun's useful energy passes through to the panels. Using the filters to reflect the wavelengths of red, green and blue light allows a static full color image to be produced, in much the same way that a color TV screen or computer display produces an image.

Partnerships with established manufacturers will enable commercialization of the technology, both as part of the solar panel manufacturing process and as an aftermarket option for camouflaging or beautifying existing panels. More information is available at

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