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Cohu, Inc., a specialist in back-end semiconductor equipment and services, today announced the introduction of a new complete solution for the test and inspection of lidar (light detection and ranging) devices.

According to a Yole Développement March 2019 report, the lidar market is expected to grow at a 29% CAGR to $6 billion by 2024, driven by automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with applications in lane assist and emergency braking in semi- and fully-autonomous vehicles. Cohu’s integrated solution on the NY32W platform was initially developed for the global market and technology leader in automotive lighting to bring new lidar laser transmitters to market. The innovative contactor architecture optimizes signal performance in extreme use conditions, ensuring products are tested to specification and accelerating time to volume production.

“Our NY32W is a fully automatic optical testing, visual inspection and die sorting solution, replacing in-house semi-automatic engineering lab equipment,” said Chris Bohrson, senior vice president and general manager of Cohu’s Test Handler Group. “This innovative solution provides customers with the stringent quality required for the automotive industry, while delivering higher productivity, repeatability and lower cost.”

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