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EagleView, a leading provider of aerial imagery, software and analytics, and RapidSOS, the intelligent safety platform securely linking over 500 million devices to more than 16,000 first responder and 9-1-1 agencies, today announced an integration of EagleView's high-resolution orthogonal imagery into RapidSOS Premium.

EagleView's proprietary camera systems capture superior quality imagery compared to standard satellite images. These detailed images offer higher resolution, greater spatial accuracy, and a clear date stamp, providing critical context in emergency situations.

"Our collaboration is dedicated to one crucial goal, and that’s keeping field responders safe and saving lives," said Joe Oddi, Director of Partner Strategies at EagleView. "By integrating EagleView imagery with RapidSOS Premium, we help public safety professionals respond in the most accurate and efficient way to citizens in distress.” 

RapidSOS Premium enhances the 9-1-1 response system by consolidating critical data such as real-time location, local GIS data, and caller profiles into a single, comprehensive mapping solution. This integration with EagleView will enable RapidSOS users to access high-resolution aerial imagery directly in their workflow, offering unparalleled insights into emergency locations and streamlining decision-making for telecommunicators and field responders.

"Through this alliance with EagleView, telecommunicators can provide more accurate intelligence and directions to support their field responders," said Karin Marquez, Chief Public Safety Brand Officer at RapidSOS. “With high-resolution aerial imagery in RapidSOS, public safety officials can make faster, smarter, and safer decisions to aid those in the field.”

Both parties are looking forward to further enhancing the alliance to bring new and innovative solutions to the market.

About EagleView

EagleView is a leader in geospatial technology, providing solutions that transform the way our customers work. EagleView has the largest geospatial data and imagery library ever assembled, encompassing 94 percent of the U.S. population. EagleView’s unique technology portfolio comprises more than 300 patents, enabling it to offer highly differentiated software, imagery, and analytics products for multiple industries.

About RapidSOS
In partnership with public safety, RapidSOS has created the world's first intelligent safety platform that securely links life-saving data from over 500 million connected devices, apps and sensors directly to safety agents, 911 and field responders. To learn more about our technology that's creating life-saving connections, visit

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