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HyperVision Headset

The rapid evolvement of technology has undoubtedly revolutionized the medical world. However, surgeons are still facing a major issue inside the operating room.

To view images and data, medical professionals must glance at separate 2D display screens, which distracts them from the surgical procedure and forces them to mentally translate the images into 3D. While the surgeon looks at the monitor, there is a loss of attention which can be extremely dangerous during a critical operation. This is where Hyper Vision Limited steps in.

The Shenzhen-based technology start-up is changing the future of medical procedures by utilizing advances in augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The company is set to release its AR-powered Hypervue Headset, which allows medical data to be superimposed directly onto a surgeon's viewpoint of a patient.

"With our Hypervue Headset, medical professionals will no longer experience any loss of attention during the procedure. They will not need to view 2D radiological images and translate them into 3D in their brain, avoiding any unwanted risks," said Yan Jiang, Chief Executive Officer at Hyper Vision Limited.

The Hyprvue Headset combines tracking cameras with both a 3D display and a hands-free interface. The device is compatible with all surgical tools and delivers crucial data to the surgeon without the need for other external equipment. By incorporating augmented reality surgical procedures, diagnosis accuracy and speed will all improve.

"Another important advantage with the Hyprvue Headset is that it can be used for education purposes. It will shorten the time it takes for a junior surgeon to learn how to perform more complex surgical procedures," added Jiang.

Hyper Vision Limited believes augmented reality has enormous potential in the healthcare industry. Through the release of the Hyprvue Headset, the company will establish a new standard of care in surgical navigation.

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