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ISRA VISION AG is expanding its business activities in the field of surface inspection to include quality control technology for painted surfaces. The company is focusing on the application of this technology in various industries, especially the automotive industry.

A current major order in the double-digit million range confirms the expected sales potential behind the strategic expansion of the inspection portfolio. The paint inspection system, which was reintroduced at AUTOMATICA 2016, was presented in its newest innovative product conception at PAINTEXPO 2018 and AUTOMATICA 2018. By showcasing this product at PAINTEXPO, ISRA was particularly adressing customers from more general industry sectors.

ISRA’s innovative new product inspects painted surfaces using embedded, robot-mounted PAINTSCAN sensors. Surfaces illuminated by highly powerful LEDs are analyzed with omni-directional camera shots, and defects are detected and classified. Combined with fully automatic robot path planning  generated using CAD models, the systems ensure a high level of process efficiency. PAINTSCAN also features an integrated multi-camera and multi-processor hardware architecture and is already Industry 4.0-ready. To demonstrate its paint inspection product, ISRA constructed its own technology center at its subsidiary in Darmstadt. Here, numerous customers have already been impressed by the system performance.

Designed for applications in general industry sectors and the automotive industry – targeting the potential of more than 300 lines worldwide – as well as for the requirements of smart and agile pro-duction, fully automated paint inspection system will contribute significant, long-term revenue potential to ISRA’s further growth. This latest order encompasses the equipping of several lines operated by a German premium automotive manufacturer and will be executed largely over the course of the current and next financial year.

For 2017/2018, the company expects profitable growth in the low double digits, with high profit margins remaining at least the strong level of the previous year. The international expansion, the optimization of operational productivity and cash flow, in addition to a strong market position, will remain management’s priority in order to achieve the intended revenue level of more than EUR 200 million in the medium term.

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