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Saule Technologies achieves over 25

Saule Technologies' perovskite solar cells have achieved over 25% efficiency, as measured under 1000 lux illumination by a cold white LED, which represents the real-life environment for the first commercial application of these devices. The Fraunhofer ISE is an independent research institution with undisputed authority, and Saule Technologies would like to thank the group of Dr. Uli Würfel for carrying out the measurements.

The results open new business opportunities for Saule Technologies, a company based in Wroclaw, Poland. Flexible perovskite photovoltaic devices produced by Saule are very well suited for powering electronic devices in the indoor, low-light intensity conditions, making it a perfect solution for various Internet of Things (IoT) applications. What is very important, this futuristic technology is readily available to be deployed on the market, and Saule Technologies, as the first company in the world, was able to transfer the cell manufacturing process from the R&D stage to the full-scale production line.

The potential of perovskite PV technology stretches well beyond IoT market, and the first commercial utilization will help maturing the technology to reach its full scale potential, with a wide range of applications.

Saule Technologies cells are also great energy sources for BIPV, BAPV, e-mobility and many other business sectors. For example, Skanska is pioneering a method of covering office building exteriors with semi-transparent perovskite solar cells, provided by Saule Technologies, on a commercial scale.

Saule Technologies acknowledges funding from NCBR under the project “High performance perovskite solar cells for applications in low light condition” POIR.01.01.01-00-1482/19

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