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Studies have linked a large percentage of traffic accidents to reduced driver attention due to smartphone use. Opticser is incorporating advanced optics solutions to improve driver safety on the road. As an emerging company focused on the development of advanced optics technology, Opticser is confident that its products will not only impact vehicle drivers but also help increase general productivity and quality of life through other applications. Their unique innovation has earned Opticser a coveted spot in Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA)'s 100 featured Taiwanese startups showcased at CES 2021.

Reducing the risk of traffic accidents by minimizing road distractions

Opticser is a promising tech startup that drives innovative solutions through the development of advanced optics technology. Its research development team is composed of talented individuals from multiple disciplines, including optics, computer science, industrial design, and marketing. All work closely together to help create new systems that improve productivity and user experiences. To minimize driver's loss of attention on the road, Opticser realized that the most direct and effective solution is to develop an automotive head-up display (HUD) for vehicles. The automotive HUD market is expected to top $4.3 billion by 2025, highlighting the explosive growth and opportunities in this sector over the coming few years. Even before this trend began, Opticser had built a solid track record of success in this area. It holds a large number of related patents and is set to grow quickly into a leadership position in the sector.  

Eyes on the road; Eyes toward the future

Opticser sees its advantage in the HUD sector as defining a whole new class that will distinguish its products from those of its competitors, which tend to be bulkier and thus hard to integrate into vehicle interiors. Another downside of current AR-HUD models is the inadequacy of their heat-dissipation systems, which increase the risks of overheating and failure to perform up to spec. In response, Opticser introduced Dartrays, which offers identical performance to the current market offerings in a more compact and lightweight size that requires just 30% of the space used by current OEM HUDs. Driving-assistance information such as navigation, speed, speed limits, and turn-by-turn directions is all projected onto the windshield in the form of a floating virtual image on the road. The success of the Dartrays HUD lies in Opticser's patented optical path design, consisting of an LCD that projects real-time images onto a fold mirror, which then reflects the image onto a curved mirror and optical lens for aberration correction and image enlargement. The virtual image is then projected onto the windshield. With a full suite of driving information displayed in easy view, drivers can concentrate on what's coming on the road ahead, thus reducing distractions and the risk of accidents. 

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