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Sistine Chapel Pilot Lighting Project Includes 7000 LEDs

When the Sistine chapel opens at the end of October, the public will see its art and architecture under new light. Osram is installing approximately 7000 LEDs, giving special attention to the conservational aspect. Illuminance of approximately 50 to 100 lux (previously five to ten lux) ensures that the art can be clearly discerned, but with as little ageing as possible. In addition, 60% less power is consumed compared to the existing lighting installation.

This pilot project, with the working title of LED4Art, receives funding from the European Union’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy Support Programme as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (PSP-CIP). The aim of the programme is to demonstrate new possibilities for LED technology with regard to energy efficiency and improved quality of light, and thus to achieve more rapid market penetration for the new technology.

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