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CES 2018 High-Resolution DLP Technology for Automotive Headlight Systems

Texas Instruments has unveiled DLP technology for high-resolution headlight systems at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada (US). The new DLP chipset combines full programmability and the highest resolution — more than one million addressable pixels per headlight — exceeding the resolution of existing adaptive driving beam (ADB) technologies by more than 10000 times, according to the company. 

Automakers and Tier-1 suppliers can use this new programmable ADB solution to design headlight systems that maximize brightness for drivers on the road while minimizing the glare to oncoming traffic or reflections from retroreflective traffic signs. This new DLP technology works with any light source, including LED and laser illumination, and gives engineers a way to more precisely control light distribution on the road with customizable beam patterns. 

The flexibility of DLP technology enables automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to create headlight systems that pair with programmable software and smaller optics to increase performance without sacrificing style. System engineers also have the capability to partially or fully dim individual pixels using this solution, paving the way for the creation of headlight systems that allow drivers to keep their high beams on while operating their vehicle in all conditions without impacting other drivers. 

DLP technology for high-resolution headlight systems also enables automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to transform headlight systems into a new communication channel by projecting relevant information on the road. On-road light projection can enhance communication between drivers, pedestrians and other vehicles and provide customers with a way to address future communication requirements needed for autonomous and self-driving vehicle systems. 


Lead customers are now sampling and designing with the DLP5531-Q1chipset for high-resolution headlight systems. The DLP5531-Q1chipset will be more broadly available in 2H of 2018.

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