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Conceptual representation of the hybrid integration of 2D materials Below are lists of the most common 2D materials with their bandgaps that have been integrated with waveguide structures The inset spectra show the input red spectrum, and the output broad
The two rings in the image are microresonators The bigger ring is the one where the microcomb is generated The microcomb is formed by a pulse of lighthere illustrated with a red spike and also known as a soliton - that recirculates in the cavity forever T
Material tunes windows
  • The intensity shaper can convert an input Gaussian beam to precisely direct light, as in a smiley light distribution Precision arrangement of voxels is achieved using ultrafast direct laser writing c Each voxel is a micron-sized element with b a specific

    Ultrafast Laser Method Assists in Directing Light

    Photonic technologies and applications often require light signals to be manipulated in three dimensions such as in optical computing, fiber imaging, data transport and quantum technologies. To be useful, the shape and direction of light must be...
  • VALO lung tissue
  • Microscopic photo of PA12, a marine microplastic pollutant Credit Wen et al doi 1011171OE623034102
  • Visualization of the microscope tip exposing material to terahertz light The colors on the material represent the light-scattering data, and the red and blue lines represent the terahertz waves CREDIT U S Department of Energy Ames National Lab

    Terahertz Microscopy Explores New Material for Solar Cells

    A team of scientists from the Department of Energy’s Ames National Laboratory gained insight into a possible alternative material for solar cells. The team, led by Jigang Wang, senior scientist from Ames Lab, developed a microscope that uses...
  • lungs

    Gaps noted in lung cancer diagnostics and treatment

    Lung cancer is most common cancer in men and the 2nd most common cancer in women according to World Cancer Research Fund International. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death overall and among both men and women, according to the American...
  • Zebrafish larva Credit Kevin Zhou Duke University

    Advances in Optical Coherence Tomography

    Optical coherence tomography (OCT) uses light for cross sectional imaging and is most commonly used for medical diagnostics, but it also has uses in applications such as analyzing paint on automobiles, nondestructive testing, and more. The global...
  • Brain research

    Brain Research Advances with Light-Based Technologies

    Common methods of brain imaging present many challenges: some are invasive, others may contain harmful radiation, and many are difficult to use or require the patient to remain absolutely still throughout the process.  Today researchers are...

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