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Yayyar Imaging In-Cabin Radar

Vayyar Imaging, a specialist in 4D imaging radar, became the world's first company to comply with in-cabin radio frequency standards worldwide, after receiving the FCC waiver for operation of 60 GHz radar inside US vehicles.

The tier 2 supplier's globally approved reference design is also EU ETSI-compliant and JP TELEC-certified, making it the first universal 60 GHz in-cabin solution on a single SKU.

The FCC's landmark decision to grant Vayyar a waiver is set to revolutionize in-cabin safety with leading-edge radar-based applications designed to prevent "hot car" tragedies, when children are left in vehicles and succumb to vehicular heatstroke.

In addition to worldwide radio compliance, Vayyar's in-cabin 4D imaging radar meets Euro NCAP's 2023 Child Presence Detection (CPD) and Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) requirements, serving as a powerful, high-resolution platform that enables automakers to provide unprecedented safety on a global scale. The flagship solution will save countless lives annually by triggering alerts if children are left in vehicles and by ensuring that all vehicle occupants are properly restrained. With pinpoint accuracy, Vayyar's solution provides comprehensive detection and classification of all vehicle occupants, allowing any model to earn up to 7.5 Euro NCAP in-car safety points.

Vayyar's multifunctionality on a single-chip platform enhances safety while cutting complexity and costs by supporting multiple applications beyond CPD and SBR, with just one sensor. The end-to-end software-hardware platform also enables Occupant Monitoring Status (OMS), optimized airbag deployment, seat belt pre-tensioning, advanced eCall, vital signs, gesture recognition, out-of-position detection, intruder detection, and more.

With an ultra-wide field of view, just one RFIC covers up to three complete seating rows and all footwells, as well as the open trunk. A 48-antenna MIMO array offers unprecedented high resolution, providing rich detection and classification data on all occupants as well as their posture and position. The sensor's uniform rear ceiling installation accommodates all passenger vehicles including full-sized SUVs and cars with sunroofs.

As automakers strive to protect motorists and their passengers, global certification of Vayyar's multifunctional, single-chip platform is helping all vehicles earn the highest safety ratings while enhancing in-cabin safety with reliable and affordable technology.

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